Rather Be In Hell

by Perspective Records

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released April 7, 2013

Recorded & mastered by Jasper van den Broek
Artwork by Nick Maas



all rights reserved


Running Out Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Intro
What are you doing to me
You mean nothing to me
I hope you won’t forget
I’m just running out

Track Name: Devil's Spawn
I spit my last breath a long time ago
darkness is the only thing that fills my lungs
a black hole has taken over what used to be a heart
I buried my emotions with hatred

I am walking through life on a dead end road
with the beast in me to guide my way
guide my fucking way

I will take out everyone that steps in my path
if you come to close you will end up dead

I won't let you bring me down
evil forces got my back
hatred feeds me

internal wounds hatred heals me

I am fighting my way in this world of pain
I am here to stay I will remain

the devil's got my back
so I won't lose track
Track Name: Braindead
Still alive
You can’t think or see
Looking like a plant to me
Time to pull the plug
You hollow cold fuck

Questioning my own eyes
Hard to believe

Fool, living a dream
Why you are a stereotype

Never blinked an eye
Did you ever cry
Look inside your head
No dreams, you are dead

Feel the anger, inside my head
Track Name: Rather Be In Hell - ft Maikel (MED)
I hate this world
Don't ask me why
I don't need a reason
Got a fucked up mind

I'd rather be in hell

All this hate
Bottled up inside
I don't care to live
I'm prepared to die

I'd rather burn in hell
Than live in this world

Still waiting for the apocalypse
Been waiting for a while
When this world comes to an end
I'll go out with a smile
Track Name: Release My Demons
evil in the heart a forgotten soul
all my life my demons took control
I've tried and failed to see good in this world
Too many times got fucked and been treated like filth
I won't take it anymore, humanity is my target
and this time I won't fucking miss

no angel on my shoulder
demons in my head
sometimes I sit and wonder
if I'd be better off dead

that's just what they want me to think

I still hate everyone including you
you will never get the best of me

chaos in my head, some say I'm better of dead
I deal with the pressure my own way
release my demons everyday